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Black Tourmaline Pyramid


Black Tourmaline

Protection, Grounding, Calm

Black Tourmaline is also known as Schorl. It is a highly powerful and protective stone as it not only contains iron but its internal structure holds the ability to trap negative energy. It is a very good stone to have around your house especially if you form a grid in all four corners of your home to protect/block negative energies. A highly grounding stone focused around the root chakra it holds a powerful Earth healing energy, protects and grounds ones during times of stress and promotes a sense of balance and calm needed among the storms of life. Tourmaline is also great for protecting against electromagnetic pollution, WI-FI and radiation. When cleansing Black Tourmaline a popular method is to put it into soil in the ground!


Chakra: Root

Zodiac: Capricorn

Origin: Madagascar, Brazil, India, Pakistan

Affirmation: I am safe

Science: Sodium Iron Aluminium Boro Silicate

Planet: Earth

Element: Earth

Mohs: 7-8

Pyramid is approx 4cm


Black Tourmaline Pyramid