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Bowenite Palm #2


Bowenite, also called Tangiwaite or Tangawaite, is the state mineral of Rhode Island. It is often incorrectly referred to as Jade. In truth, it is more accurately identified as a variety of the serpentine mineral, Antigorite and a close relation to Jade (but NOT Jade). High grade Bowenite can be considered a semi-precious stone as it has a transparent to semi-transparent appearance and is usually a much higher grade of material.

Bowenite is a pale green to light green stone that ranges from transparent to opaque. It has a greasy shine, and can appear waxy, silky, or dull with a resinous texture.

Used as a talisman or worn as an amulet, Bowenite protects from destructive forces by facilitating a protective energy shield that radiates in all directions.

Bowenite is a dream stone. It enhances the memory of dreams and helps in dream-solving. Bowenite can also help to release suppressed emotions via the dream process.

Bowenite can bring success to all pursuits or to make a clean break from past traumas/environments.

This stone is a true symbol of love, friendship and thankfulness.


Bowenite Palm #2