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Chrysocolla Calcite Palm #6


Please note at this stage this is a new find, I have worked closely with very reliable experts to get as close without testing to the compostition and thus far it appears calcite is among the chrysocolla. I am sending this to get tested so final results tbc


Aura Cleanser | Soother | Comforter

Chrysocolla with Quartz is created when Chrysocolla and Quartz form together. Chrysocolla is a powerful stone because it aligns all chakras with the Divine. Chrysocolla can be used with the Throat Chakra, where it helps with wise communication, or with the Heart Chakra to balance and strengthen, helping one to learn how to live from the truth of the Heart. It can also be used to open and activate the Thymus, or Second Heart Chakra. Chrysocolla also enhances meditation, bringing visions and knowledge of the sublime into conscious awareness.

Chakra: Heart, Throat, Third Eye

Zodiac: Gemini, Virgo, Taurus

Origin: Chile, Congo, Russia

Affirmation: I am connected

Science: hydrous copper silicate

Element: Water

Planet: Mercury

Mohs: 2-4

 palm ix 5x4cm

Chrysocolla Calcite Palm #6