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Ametrine Polished Freeform #3



Balance | Soothing | Intuition

The Amethyst of Ametrine can help you experience Divine Guidance, while the Citrine aspect allows for this guidance to be assimilated into your life. Ametrine can be used to enhance creativity and learning, and can therefore help those who use it to come up with creative solutions to difficult problems whether work-related or personal. Ametrine combines masculine and feminine energy and helps bring harmony with others. Many people use Ametrine for stress-relief, and as such, it is optimally placed in areas where you would need it the most, i.e. in an office or cubicle, in the car, in a pocket, or wherever you find yourself under stress. Metaphysically, it is good for opening the Third Eye Chakra.


Primary Chakras: Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Crown

Astrological signs: Libra, Gemini

This piece is approx 7x4cm

Ametrine Polished Freeform #3