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A must have duo to keep in your bedroom for all those sweet dream vibes


Protection, Purification, Spiritual Connection

Amethyst holds the meaning "sincerity" and "freedom from harm". In ancient times it was a stone used for addiction recovery which is how it became known as "the stone of sobriety". Being one of the most popular stones for spiritual work and meditation Amethyst connects the physical plane with higher realm, making it a good choice when working with the Third Eye Chakra. An enhancer of both spiritual wisdom and spiritual power this stone is a true powerhouse. It is also a great stone for bringing a sense of calm and protection and a must have in any bedroom to promote relaxation and protection during sleep. This stone is an absolute favourite of many to bring in the new with a greater connection to source by having this close!

Primary Chakras: Third Eye, Crown
Astrological Signs: Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius, Capricorn


Charge | Cleanse | Amplify

Selenite is one of the most powerful crystals for energy blocks and energy healing. It is a must have crystal in your kit and home as it shields and protects your body and space. It is used on all chakras and for all astrological signs! Selenite brings in pure white light and is the perfect crystal for really focusing on what you want to welcome in in your life!


Set is 1x Selenite Tower & 1 x Amethyst Cluster