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Cacao Mumma Ceremonial Grade Cacao


I source the ceremonial cacao from a small family run farm in Bali, who harvest traditional Criollo trees. Each bean is hand picked out of the pods, laid out to dry in the sun, and traditionally stone crushed into a paste.

Ceremonial grade cacao is very different to your standard drinking cocoa. Usually, cocoa has been so processed that most of the nutrients are removed by heat treating, and adding so many unhealthy ingredients like fats, oils and sugar, that end up stripping away any health benefits.

Cacao is bursting with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and boosts your mood, clears your mind, and provides an increase in energy.

Raw cacao has been proven to enhance blood flow and cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and support emotional release by increasing the production of feel-good chemicals like Anandamides and serotonin levels that boost your mood.

It is also great for your skin because of the high antioxidant component- with cacao having 40 times the amount of antioxidants than blueberries and other superfoods.

It is also one of the highest sources of plant-based magnesium, a vital mineral that many of us do not get enough of, and it is crucial to nervous system stability, energy production and heart health.

All of these benefits are produced by consuming the chocolate in its purest form. 


Pack is 150g

Cacao Mumma Ceremonial Grade Cacao