Childrens Crystal Kit


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A perfect starter kit for Children containing 4 named crystals with affirmations and one surprise crystal! Each kit also includes a specially designed mindfulness game to promote emotional resilience in children by encouraging them to use all their senses to name their "Super Power" Emotion.

Crystals are just like you! Wonderful, unique and no two are ever the same.

It is what is inside them that makes them magical and strong, just like YOU!



Rose Quartz | Clear Quartz | Black Tourmaline | Amethyst

Rose Quartz, I am Loved

Clear Quartz, I am Strong

Black Tourmaline, I am Protected

Amethyst, I am Calm



All crystals come cleansed in a keepsake bag..

Cleansing, charging and crystal care info can be found on our website. All crystal properties are metaphysical in nature and they can be used alongside not replace medical advise.