Dendritic Ivory Point 02


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Ivory Dendritic Opal Hearts

Bringing the love all the way from Brazil with these beautiful pieces. A stone for nurturing your emotions and reminding you to trust what needs to be released and when is the time to allow it.

The thing is releasing can never happen until we are truly ready and not a moment sooner, rush the process or the lessons and all may seem brushed over or minimized so never feel like you have a timer on what it is you need to let go of.

Living in harmony with your mind, body and soul requires radical honesty and trust in what we are truly experiencing even if it makes no sense in that moment. Trust always that there is always a higher purpose at play and the more you tune inwards and not outwards the deeper your connect to self will grow.

Dendritic Ivory is an incredible soft and gentle stone to assist in growth a process so beautifully done in nature when we stay still enough to admire it.

 This piece is 7cm x 4 cm