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Emotions Wheel Worksheet for gaining Emotional Awareness

Every day we are reacting to the people around us, their needs, their emotions, and their energies both consciously and subconsciously. Regardless of if we realize it or not (and especially if you are a high empath) over time we begin to carry the weight of others' needs, emotions & struggles on our shoulders.

We can even carry the expectations others hold,
or we think they hold of us on our shoulders.
Over time the weights we carry are too much
for us to bear.

We end up bogged down, overwhelmed & feeling
helpless over situations or people that we have
no control over.

It is important to realize that we can care, be empathic and hold space for the people around us but not carry what is theirs to hold.


I am a Registered Counsellor who holds counselling qualifications & human development trainings. My areas that I most specialize in are trauma & child and youth but I have always been very clear on holistic healing and empowering a client to be the master of their own life. I currently run a large crystal business and work holistically in how I operate but I saw a VERY clear need with the shortage in trained professionals to create resources for people like yourself to use and TRUST that they are actually being created by people within the industry & not just generic copy/paste templates.

I am a mum of 3 and live in rural New Zealand. My life is incredibly busy but this in it's own beautiful way feels like my therapy, sitting and putting myself in your shoes to focus on how I can bring you the tools and resources to heal and dive deep on exactly what it is you are experiencing.

If this is your first visit, purchase or a regular customer then welcome. I am so glad you made it


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Emotions Wheel Worksheet for gaining Emotional Awareness