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Green Apatite Point #2


Green Apatite is most often a Fluorapatite which means it can vary hugely in colour from vibrant lime to deep green. Green Apatite hails all the way from Morrocco and holds a beautiful rich deep luster that feels as elegant as it looks. It can range in color from forest green to lime-green.  The most desirable are the yellow-green transparent gems, mainly from Morocco, called “Asparagus Stone.”  Apatite is a very common mineral found in all kinds of rocks and sometimes even human teeth. 

Green Apatite is a fresh, light and vibrant stone sent to remind us to do what lights us up, surround ourselves with the people that lift us higher and create a life with habits and beliefs that serve our highest good. It is a stone of reflection, reminding you to make sure that you are always assessing your circles and are in a productive environment to thrive.

It also encourages creativity, variety and spontaneity.

Chakra: Heart | Throat | Third Eye

Zodiac: Gemini 

Element: Water | Earth

point is 7cm


Green Apatite Point #2