Herkimer Diamond Necklace 18


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Herkimer Diamond

The stone of attunement, Herkimer Diamonds are said to be millions of years old and named after their diamond shape with double terminations. Herkimer Diamonds are quartz that where found in the Herkimer County in New York! The reason Herkimer Diamonds are so sought after and precious is because of the double termination not usually found in quartz and although they can vary in colour depending on where they are found they are mostly clear. Interestingly though these are quartz they do rank higher on the MOHS hardness scale than quartz and are closer to diamond with a rating of 7.5!


The stone of attunement is a beautiful stone to wear as it assists in helping one attune to their environment, surroundings and the people within it! Herkimer is often also used to attune to things further away one is wanting to connect with as well as being very popular for healing illness within using light energy making this a popular stone metaphysically for healers and spiritual teachers. The double termination of this stone makes it even more powerful with the ability not only to transmute its own energy but it is able to receive energies from the spiritual realm and amplify or use it intently. 

Herkimer is also able to amplify the intention of other stones so be wise about the stones you keep close by!

It is an exceptionally strong crystal for clearing electromagnetic pollution, radioactivity, and geopathic stress, and makes an excellent environmental spray or gem elixir. Larger Herkimers, even cloudy, included ones, may be used to grid a home, healing space or bed.