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Home Protection


The perfect duo kit for Home Protection! 



Cleanse | Charge | Amplify

The perfect Crystal to have for your home to cleanse the space and energy and set positive and strong intentions for what you wish to welcome into your space. Selenite holds a high vibration and white light and is a must have in any protection kit. Because of how versatile Selenite is it can be used for any reason at all and it also holds a strong enough vibration that it will cleanse the crystals surround it also. Keep Selenite near in your home for cleansing, charging, amplifying and manifesting powerful intentions for your sacred space.


Black Tourmaline

Protection | Grounding | Calm

Black Tourmaline is also known as Schorl. It is a highly powerful and protective stone as it not only contains iron but its internal structure holds the ability to trap negative energy. It is a very good stone to have around your house especially if you form a grid in all four corners of your home to protect/block negative energies. A highly grounding stone focused around the root chakra it holds a powerful Earth healing energy, protects and grounds ones during times of stress and promotes a sense of balance and calm needed among the storms of life. Tourmaline is also great for protecting against electromagnetic pollution, WI-FI and radiation. When cleansing Black Tourmaline a popular method is to put it into soil in the ground!

Home Protection