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Hypersthene Point #c



Spiritual Awakening + Self Discovery + Transformation

Hypersthene is a potent life talisman that promotes self-love & satisfaction, independence, strength, and endurance. One’s entire chakra column opens up and forces one to prioritize what's most valuable in their life. Instead of your mental state being concerned about what's next, Hypersthene redirects your concentration internally. This allows you to reflect, observe, and understand what it is your body (both physical and mental) truly needs. For most people, their narrow mental capacity simply does not allow them to understand themselves. The mind is usually too distracted to see an issue or is being medicated in the form of a vice (drugs, alcohol, etc.). This cycle can continue for years or in some cases lifetimes.

Chakra: All

Zodiac: Virgo+ Libra + Pisces + Scorpio

Origin: Greenland, Russia, Madagascar

Affirmation: I am balanced

Science: Iron Magnesium Silicate

Planet: Earth

Element: Fire, Wind, Earth

Mohs: 3

Point is 6cm

Hypersthene Point #c