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'I Welcome' Crystal Infused Floral Sage Blend


I Welcome

Selenite infused Floral Sage Blend

I set you free, I release you knowing that while the lessons are forever the time has to come to let go of what I held onto that is not meant for me and create space for all that is destined to be. I cleanse and release with love, with trust and with pure intentions always.

 I breathe

I reflect

I release you

I Selenite Collection

I created this collection driven by my own desires to have simplified crystal & nature infused tools to bring alongside me in my journey of self discovery and healing. It is my wish that you use each piece as it feels true and right for you, that you trust always you hold your own answers and that creating safe spaces of connection and honest reflection is always your safest way home.


White Sage

White Sage has been used by Native Americans to clear negative energies, bringing in abundance, providing protection and purify spaces for many many years.

White Sage (Salvia Apiana) can also be used to cleanse a person for health or to release energies that no longer serve them/

To burn a sage stick - just light the tip, blow it out and either wave in air or place in a glass or other fireproof container (one that will not burn) with sand or salt placed therein to hold it upright. If placing the stick in a bowl, you can use a feather to move the smoke around. Voice your intention as you move about the room or your home. For example, you can say, “This house is clear”, or “This house is healthy”. Remember to sage in every corner, as negativity sometimes will gather there. To extinguish, invert into the sand or salt to smother, and never under running water.

70grams Crystal Infused Floral Sage Mix


Please read candle care card that will come with your candle for safe use of the product


'I Welcome' Crystal Infused Floral Sage Blend