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Jade Merkaba


Mer = Light

Ka = Spirit

Ba = Body

Jade African

Cleanse  Detox  Balance

Green Jade has an incredibly lovely and peaceful energy, but it is also a stone not to be over looked for its attraction to wealth and abundance. While it is a beautiful stone of harmony and being present it is what it attracts that is it's magic and having it close is a great reminder to focus on the type of abundance you want in life that you can never loose. Wealth isn't always material, spiritual wealth, wealth of connection, wealth of peace and calmness for example. It encourages us to enjoy the simple fact that we are alive, to love, to struggle, to learn, and just to be what we truly are – spiritual beings on a mortal journey. Green Jade teaches us how to live in harmony, both inside our own skin as well as with the larger world. Jade dismisses both scarcity-thinking and greed, reminding us that we deserve to live well and that we don’t need to take from others in order to take care of ourselves

Merkabas are 20mm on average and intuitively chosen

Jade Merkaba