Luna Crystal Spray


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Luna Moonstone Crystal Spray

Essential Oil & Crystal Infused sprays matched together in cohesion for harnessing the powerful energy of the Moon. Matched with the balancing, intuitive Moonstone crystal and the Essential oils of Lavender + Jasmine + Frankincense.

Moonstone | Intuition + Balance + Moon Magic


The Essential Oil Crystal Infused Sprays range are intended be used as a room and sacred space spray. Each spray has been lovingly created and hand poured using fresh spring water and made within a loving and calm environment. The intent behind each spray is to create space to connect your senses to your intentions and create the connection you desire in that moment.

Shake thoroughly before use. 

Please ensure safe practice when using the sprays. Although sprays are diluted if skin irritation occurs please discontinue use. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or have a health condition please consult a health professional regarding the use of sprays.