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Peach Selenite


I'm the vacuum cleaner of bad vibes and the never fail re charger of every crystal you own. My vibes are sky high.

Charge | Cleanse | Amplify

Selenite is one of the most powerful crystals for energy blocks and energy healing. It is a must have crystal in your kit and home as it shields and protects your body and space. It is used on all chakras and for all astrological signs! Selenite brings in pure white light and is the perfect crystal for really focusing on what you want to welcome in in your life!

Orange Selenite and the energies it carries are nearly identical to normal Selenite, with the only difference being the heavy grounding effect Hematite offers. Normal white or clear Selenite is extremely powerful and offers potent energies capable of initiating a spiritual awakening. As Selenite would normally ascend your mind and consciousness, Orange Selenite grounds both your physical and spiritual body, while still engaging in the enlightenment of the soul


Chakra: All

Zodiac: Pisces + Cancer + Gemini

Pieces are intuitively selected and approx 10-12cm

Peach Selenite