Pink Halite


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Pink Halite

Clarity | Purification | Power

I cleanse, deflect and balance. I sound like a cleaning product but I am ten times more stunning and even more powerful. Hold your power close with me. 

Pink Halite, in particular, encourages peace, self love and inner clarity. It is used to clear the heart chakra and encourage growth of tissues. Halite is a great absorber of stray energy and may need to be cleansed and recharged often. If they are not charged, halite crystals will just absorb whatever energy is around them



Halite, also known as rock salt, is the mineral from which we get our kitchen essential. It forms in salt basins like the Great Salt Lake in Utah or the Dead Sea between Jordan and Israel. When sea water evaporates in barren climates, it creates the striking sedimentary mineral of halite. Typically white or colorless, halite will sometimes have pink or reddish hue, like these beautiful Halite crystals. Composed of sodium chloride, halite forms into clusters with isometric systems.