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Pink Lithium Lemurian #23

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Pink Lithium Lemurian #23

Regular price $65.00
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Pink Lithium

Science: Pink Lithium is a variety of lithium minerals known for its soft, pink to rose-colored crystals. It is primarily composed of lithium, aluminum, and silicon, and its distinctive color comes from trace amounts of manganese. Its geological formation and composition make it a unique and beautiful mineral specimen.

Locality: Pink Lithium can be found in several locations around the world, including Brazil, Madagascar, and some regions in the United States. These areas are renowned for producing high-quality pink lithium specimens with various shades of pink.

Metaphysics: Pink Lithium is associated with several metaphysical properties, including:

  • Emotional Healing: It is believed to promote emotional balance and inner peace, making it a popular choice for emotional healing and stress relief.

  • Love and Compassion: Pink Lithium is often associated with love, compassion, and self-love. It is said to open the heart chakra and encourage feelings of love and empathy.

  • Spiritual Growth: Some believe that pink lithium can aid in spiritual growth and personal transformation, helping individuals connect with their higher selves.

Chakra: Pink Lithium is primarily associated with the Heart Chakra (Anahata). It is believed to have a calming and harmonizing effect on this energy center, promoting love, compassion, and emotional well-being.

Zodiac: While Pink Lithium is not specifically associated with a particular zodiac sign, it is considered beneficial for individuals of any sign who seek emotional healing, love, and inner balance. Its properties can be particularly helpful for individuals who need support in these areas, regardless of their zodiac sign.


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