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Pink Samadhi Himalayan Quartz

Enlightenment | Purity | Contemplation

Pink Samadhi is an exceptionally rare variety of crystalline pink quartz. Found in the high altitude Himlayan Mountain ranges Samadhi means "oneness of the mind with the universe". This is a stone of promoting one into the deepest state of contemplation, a stone of enlightenment. This sweet, soft gentle energy holds space for inner peace and reflection.


The Samadhi cluster contains a myriad of pink crystals on natural matrix, the pink hues come from trace elements of aluminium and phosphate. It is gently collected and cared for from from an area of the Himalayas in the Kully Valley known as "Valley of the Gods". Usually these light pink, translucent crystals are found in twos, with two crystals joined together. Samadhi also means a joining together, so the name also applies to its geological formation and holds a connection to friendship and love and the joining together of energies.


This is a stone of elegance, grace, purity and love. It holds a feminine energy and brings in a sweet and gentle energy making it perfect for meditation and spaces of calmness and contemplation.

Pink Samadhi is a beautiful stone for meditation and creating softness in any space. It promotes love and nurturing

 This piece weighs 515grams and is 12cm long and 9 cm wide