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Pistachio Calcite Jumbo Tumbles


Green Calcite

Trust | Balance | Manifesting

Green Calcite is a peaceful stone that encourages emotional balance and brings a sense of honesty and perspective to all situations. Green calcite is the stone to have if you need to remove and clear old patterns and negative habits that are preventing you from stepping forward into the present, especially in times of great transition or challenges. Known as "The Stone of The Mind" it is a great stone for academics, students and anyone needing motivation to up skill and learn something new. Green Calcite is also a powerful cleansing stone and one to keep close when you are needing to remove the old and welcome in the new.


Primary Chakras: Heart
Astrological Signs: Virgo, Cancer

Origin: Mexico, Brazil

Affirmation: I view my reality honestly

Science: Calcium Carbonate

Tumbles are between 30-50mm

Pistachio Calcite Jumbo Tumbles