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Praisolite Heart Intuitively Selected



Nurturing + Wisdom + Peace

Prasiolite’s energies reflect the beauty of our home planet which helped create such a rare spectacle. The root and heart chakras become intertwined when holding or channeling the energies of Prasiolite. Rejuvenating vibrations arise directly from Mother Earth and imbue your entire aura in a cocoon of healing energy. This revitalizing effect can greatly increase the energetic flow within and restart your momentum towards enlightenment. The emotions we carry now have the time to be heard and understood. The lingering pain we’ve come to know as trauma or other forms of PTSD can be rationalized with a level head and heart. Prasiolite works to free the consciousness of the restrictive bounds that deter growth, confidence, and self appreciation. It is a constant reminder that we must go forward with love in our hearts, and spread it to all the supportive ones around us.

Zodiac: Scorpio + Capricorn

Chakra: Heart + Root


Element: Earth

Planet: Earth

Mohs: 7

Quartz with Iron Inclusions

Origin: Brazil

Your piece will be intuitively selected between 2-3cm 


Praisolite Heart Intuitively Selected