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Red Phantom Himalayan Cluster 03


Red Phantom Himalayan Cluster

A new and exciting lot has been uncovered from the Himalayas and I was fortunate enough to get a shipment! This is a rare, sought after and incredibly beautiful collection.

Red Phantom

Brings universal awareness to promote uniting together to save the planet and humanity. Red Phantom connects us to the Earth Star Chakra by drawing energy from within the Earth and harnessing that energy to fuel us forward honoring our soul purpose. At the same time it is also a root chakra crystal grounding to mother nature and the Earth.

Red Phantom is from the high altitudes of North India. The mining process of these pieces which have been hand harvested and trekked to civilization is un matched.

Phantom clusters occur when there is an interruption in the growth of the crystal and other minerals wash over the main point. In this instance and Iron Oxide. This forms a visual representation of the layers of life we live and how we can often get trapped in or left in certain parts of our own growth. Phantoms are powerful in helping us move past where we get or feel stuck or stagnant.

Himalayan Quartz is an incredibly high vibrational amplifying stone promoting one ness in humanity and raising consciousness for a great good. The combination of the phantom & the Himalayan make this an incredible powerful crystal for being fueled forward in your soul purpose and ensuring humanity is all the richer and wiser for it.

These statement pieces are exceptional in quality and a one off find for us 



2.5 kg 

20cm x 20 cm 

Red Phantom Himalayan Cluster 03