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Rhodonite with Galena Point #e


Love is the greatest gift of all. I will give you that gift, and in turn you will gift it to the world. 

Love,Self Love, Support

Rhodonite is a beautiful calming stone that is your go to if you need to bring about balance and help with patience. For those situations where you are feeling overly sensitive and emotional this is the stone to bring comfort, love and support. Speaking on love this stone is one of the best stones for bringing love into a physical form and works well with the Heart Chakra to bring about love and to dispel negative energies. This is the stone to remind you that the greatest love of all comes from caring for and loving your own heart first in order to then be able to love those in your world for their and your highest good. If you suffer from panic attacks and find yourself in situations of shock make this your "go to" tool for support.

Primary Chakras: Heart, Root
Astrological Signs: Taurus


Galena is excellent to use for grounding and balancing energy. It is also very helpful when needing to refocus and find/get back to Center. Galena is a stone of harmony, creating balance and stimulating interaction on the physical, etheric and spiritual planes.

This piece is 8cm

Rhodonite with Galena Point #e