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Shattuckite Raw (Peru)



Awakening | Life Path | Vision

If you have been searching for a crystal that is a strong psychic communication stone, a stone of intuition, of connection with guides and teachers & those here not in body but in spirit then Shattuckite is the perfect choice. Shattuckite assists in the development of your growth on a spiritual level and aids in communication and truth. This stone helps you to align yourself with the Divine mind, and lovingly allow all of your communications to reflect the wisdom of Spirit. It aids you to heal relationships, as you take responsibility for your past actions, and it strengthens your ability to lovingly speak with truth and integrity.

Chakra: Heart & Throat

Zodiac: Sagittarius + Aquarius

Element: Water + Wind

Planet: Venus

Mohs: 3.5-5

Location: USA + Worldwide

Copper Silicate Hydroxide Mineral



Shattuckite Raw (Peru)