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Tanzberry Red Heart #a



Manifesting | Vitality | Expression

A new and exciting find from Tanzania this glittery deep stone is known also by trade name as Cherry Quartz or sometimes Strawberry Quartz (not to be confused with Red Aventurine), Tanzberry is a type of Quartz with Lithium, Muscovite or Lepidolite inclusions.  The sparks of inclusions amplify the stone”s fire and earth energies. The stone assists in increasing confidence, positive thinking, manifestation and channeling creative energy, it facilitates emotional healing, positive sexual expression and personal power. Tanzberry is a stone for creators

Chakra: Root | Sacral

Zodiac: Aries | Taurus

Origin: Tanzania

Element: Fire | Earth

Planet: Earth | Jupitar

Quartz with Lepidolite

Heart is 3cm 

Tanzberry Red Heart #a