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You are Creative Crystal Kit ~ Sacral Chakra


You are Creative

Sacral Chakra: Creativity + Expression + Strength


You move through life with expression, creativity, sensuality.

Free yourself from limitations and connect with your passion, your pleasure

& what brings you joy.

Peach Agate

Helps release repressed emotions in order to create a deeper connection

and knowing of self.


Activates your Sacral Chakra to connect with pleasure, sensuality, creativity &

passion. A crystal for empowerment.


Increases creativity & imagination. A stone of personal power

and confidence.

Honey Calcite

Brings divine energy into Sacral Chakra. Encourages self worth,

confidence & self esteem. A stone of creativity.

Tiger Eye

A crystal to activate creativity, confidence & power. Helps you see

clearly and work through fears.

*photos are an indication of what you will receive. Images are copyrighted

You are Creative Crystal Kit ~ Sacral Chakra