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You are Guided Crystal Kit ~ Crown Chakra


You are Guided 


Crown Chakra: Divine + Enlightenment + Connected


You are guided & connected to those who serve your highest

good always. Open to a world beyond the physical and a journey to enlightenment


Helps connect with guides, angels & ones higher self. A stone of peace and tranquility.

Clear Quartz

Known as a "Master Healer", an amplifier of energies. A crystal that aligns the subtle bodies & brings harmony.


Stimulates the crown chakra & has a strong connection psychic abilities. A crystal to deepen spiritual practices & bring calm.


Connects the channel of guidance from guides, angels & higher self. Useful in meditation & energizes you spiritually


Increases intuition & activates crown chakra. A crystal for awareness & growth.


*photos are an indication of what you will receive. Images are copyrighted

You are Guided Crystal Kit ~ Crown Chakra