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You are Love Crystal Kit ~ Heart Chakra


You are Love

Heart Chakra: Love + Compassion + Empathy

Love is the first connection you need to survive. In a world that

can break your heart you must never loose sight of the beauty

that comes from living & leading from the space of love.



Works to release blocks within the heart space & promote

healing of the heart.

Rose Quartz

Universal crystal for love, compassion, joy & empathy. A crystal

for friendship & love.

Pink Opal

A crystal for heart healing & gentle compassion. Works on a soft

gentle frequency


Opens the heart space & focuses on not only what needs to be released

to connect with the heart but what it is you welcome in.


Reminds you that love is giving & receiving pure & divine love.

The stone of the Goddess of Venus representing love.

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You are Love Crystal Kit ~ Heart Chakra