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You are Powerful Crystal Kit ~ Solar Plexus Chakra


You are Powerful


Solar Plexus Chakra: Power + Motivation + Self Belief


You are powerful & strong. Believe in yourself and who

you are. All things are possible when you live in alignment

with your true self free from limitations of the mind.



Strong abundance energy. A crystal for manifesting & creating.

Keeps you protected while bringing you power

Golden Healer 

Brings a deep sense of empowerment. Has a stabilizing & nurturing energy


Connects you with your inner power & freedom. Brings energy,

positivity & empowerment.

Desert Rose

Helps release belief systems that no longer serve you. Promotes growth & self discovery

Tiger Eye

Known as the Stone of Courage. A beautiful stone for personal power,

will power & strength


*photos are an indication of what you will receive. Images are copyrighted

You are Powerful Crystal Kit ~ Solar Plexus Chakra