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You are Truth Crystal Kit ~ Throat Chakra


You are Truth

Throat Chakra: Truth + Communication + Expression

Know & embrace the power of speaking, living & embodying your truth.

Your voice is a vessel to express all that is you. It matters.


Stone of Courage. A crystal to activate and cleanse the Throat

Chakra allowing for honest communication.

Blue Calcite

Aligned with our Throat Chakra, Blue Calcite encourages us to

communicate in a peaceful, clear tone.


Always stay true to yourself and your truth. Also a stone of courage

and promoting being brave and honorable with your words.

Lapis Lazuli

Stone of Truth. Helps release issues in the throat such as repressed

emotions making the way for honesty & congruence


A crystal of harmony. Aids in expression and helping to express yourself

clearly. A communication power house.

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You are Truth Crystal Kit ~ Throat Chakra