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Instagram Weekly Live Sales are our main method of selling new stock alongside website uploads. A live sale on Instagram is where I connect live with you all and you can claim and purchase crystals via video link.

Live Sales


+ Buy in real time

+ Cheaper prices than website listings

+ Learn about the crystals in depth as you go

+ You know you win a piece or not immediately 

+ Heaps of fun!



+ Internet Quality variable

+ Factors out of our control can affect your changes of winning pieces ie internet speed, how many apps you have running etc

+ Can move fast 


I do get people who log onto the lives to learn about the crystals and hear about the sourcing journeys without wanting to buy so joining isn't an obligation to purchase!

 It is your responsibility to keep track of what you are spending and what you purchased in your live sale, custom listings are removed once paid so feel free to screenshot your listing for reference.

Live Sale Rules

+ To claim an item use an emoji and the item code which is also the price

+ I will call the winner as seen first on mine & my checkers screens. PLEASE know that you will see a differing order as Instagram prioritizes your comment first and internet speed can filter out comments. My decision is fair and final

+ NO swap outs during the live so only claim a piece if you 100% are prepared to pay for it

+ Payment within 24 hours 


How to Pay

+ I will state when orders are online on Instagram

+ Click on collection "Custom Listing" and add your order to cart and check out or shop as desired

+ It is your responsibility to check over the listing items before you pay and make sure what you are paying for is correct


What not to do 

+ Ask me to show you other items I have in stock

+ Ask me about order queries

+ Purposely disrupt the live sale


Live Sales take me days to set up , pre plan, price and are a huge amount of energy to run. I absolutely love running them they are the highlight of my week and the best Live Sales are the ones where everyone knows the rules so it is your responsibility to understand (or ask we are all friendly in there) if you are unsure.


Make sure you follow @prettysoulstories on Instagram to join