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Finding Home Cleanse Bundle | Sage, Selenite, Palo Santo

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Finding Home Cleanse Bundle | Sage, Selenite, Palo Santo

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Finding Home Collection

The journey on your way back to your sacred space. 

Release | Reclaim | Rediscover all that you are & all that you came here in this life to be.

Cleanse Bundle 

In this rituals quiet embrace, I return home. Smoke gently swirls & energies are cleansed releasing what is not mine to carry. Cleansing is my promise to release, reclaim and rediscover the sanctuary within.

White Sage 
White sage, a sacred herb from Native American traditions, is holds purifying properties. The fragrant leaves are burned to release aromatic smoke, believed to clear negative energies and bring about spiritual clarity.
Light your bundle at one end until it smolders, producing aromatic smoke. Hold the burning sage and move it around yourself or throughout your space, focusing on areas where you want to clear negative energies. As the smoke wafts, visualize the release of unwanted energy and invite a sense of calm and purity. Once done, safely extinguish the smoldering end in a fireproof container, allowing the smoke to dissipate.

Palo Santo
Palo Santo, meaning "holy wood" in Spanish, hails from South America and is revered for its sweet and uplifting fragrance. The sacred wood once ignited, producing a fragrant smoke that is believed to dispel negative energies, inviting positive vibes and promoting a sense of tranquility. Ignite one end of the wood until it catches flame, then blow it out, allowing it to smolder and produce fragrant smoke. Hold the smoldering Palo Santo and move it around your space, focusing on areas you wish to cleanse. Once the cleansing is complete, safely extinguish the smoldering end and allow the lingering aroma to enhance the purified ambiance.

Selenite holds strong energetic cleansing properties. Placed alongside other herbs, the selenite crystal will amplify the purification process, promoting clarity, and dispelling stagnant energies in the surrounding space. Selenite is beautiful to focus your intentions on purifying white light energies and aids in focusing and manifesting what you wish to welcome into your home and space.


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