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Honey Calcite Tumble


When you need to be taking charge of your life, taking the bull by the horns... you could be grabbing Honey Calcite instead. Much safer

Power | Motivation | Empowerment

Honey Calcite is said to encourage responsibility, accountability, and leadership. It will increase your feelings of self-worth and help you recover from harmful or abusive situations. This stone will infuse you with confidence, strength, and courage so that you will overcome your personal or professional obstacles. The energies of Honey Calcite can also assist you in learning new things and developing new skills.

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Third Eye

All crystals come cleansed in a keepsake bag & include an intentions card.

Cleansing, charging and crystal care info can be found on our website. All crystal properties are metaphysical in nature and they can be used alongside but not replace medical advise.


Honey Calcite Tumble