Red Snowflake Obisidian


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Red Snowflake Obsidian


Red Snowflake Obsidian is a powerful stone of passion and grounding, bringing yourself down to Earth to anchor the nourishment and fulfillment of mother nature and to facilitate becoming more centered. This stone brings with it the knowledge that we are more than just physical beings we have emotional, mental and spiritual bodies that are always talking to each other and are all interconnected and that healing and connecting with all of those bodies is important in life.. Mahogany Obsidian additionally protects against negative psychic energy from other people as well as psychic attacks from other entities.  It is an abundance stone, reminding us that our financial health and well-being is important too and that we deserve to have security and enjoyment


Chakra: Root | Sacral 

Zodiac: Libra | Sagittarius