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Ruby Zoisite Small

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Ruby Zoisite Small

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Ruby Zoisite

Passion + Patience + Balance

A combination of both Ruby and Zoisite this is a stone of fiery passion bringing in the balance of masculine and feminine, ying and yang. This is the stone when stress and dis-ease has become a common gear you are in and you need to move back to living from love and not fear and living in peace and not stress. Bring in the passion with the Ruby and then the grounding with Zoisite. Not only is this raw crystal stunning but it packs a punch when it comes to revitalizing your life.

Chakra: Crown + Third Eye + Heart + Root

Zodiac: Aries + Aquarius

Planet: Venus

Element: Storm

Mohs: 6-7

Origin: Tanzania


*approx size guides for raws please know this is approx and the photo shown is an example of what you recieve all raws are differet

mini 1-3cm

small 2-4cm

medium 3-5cm

large 5-8cm

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