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Super Seven Sphere #1

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Super Seven Sphere #1

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The term "Super Seven" usually refers to a unique and powerful crystal known as the "Melody Stone" or "Sacred Seven." Metaphysically, the Super Seven crystal is a combination of seven minerals, each with its own distinct properties. The seven minerals that make up Super Seven are:

  1. Amethyst: Known for its spiritual properties, amethyst is often associated with enhanced intuition, spiritual growth, and higher states of consciousness.

  2. Cacoxenite: A mineral that is believed to bring spiritual awakening, promote new ideas, and increase spiritual awareness.

  3. Goethite: Linked to grounding and balancing energies, goethite is thought to enhance emotional well-being and stability.

  4. Lepidocrocite: Often associated with emotional healing and the release of old patterns, lepidocrocite is believed to bring emotional balance.

  5. Clear Quartz: Amplifying the properties of the other minerals, clear quartz is a powerful energy enhancer and is often used for clarity, focus, and manifestation.

  6. Rutile: Known for its energy-boosting properties, rutile is believed to enhance mental focus, clarity, and spiritual awareness.

  7. Smoky Quartz: A grounding stone that is thought to help release negative energies, smoky quartz is often used for protection and purification.

Metaphysically, Super Seven is believed to have a high vibration and is considered a stone of spiritual and personal transformation. It is said to aid in accessing higher consciousness, facilitating spiritual growth, and promoting healing on multiple levels—physical, emotional, and spiritual. The combination of these seven minerals is thought to create a synergy that enhances the overall energy and effectiveness of the crystal.


4cm & 180g

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