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Ukanite Tumble



 Growth | Empathy | Vision

Unakite attunes to the earth and provides a slow, steady source of energy for healing and renewal. It brings the deep healing issues to the surface that have been avoided or pushed aside. Ukanite is a beautiful stone to keep close when exploring the internalization of these emotions and seeing how they create patterns of energy within the body. Unakite brings these wounds to the surface in a way that avoids any new trauma and facilitates the gentle releasing they need, consistently over time, along with the negative thoughts and toxic behaviors that perpetuate them. Healing the wounded self and learning to navigate challenging situations with consciousness and ease allows one to enjoy healthy relationships through balanced emotions.

Chakra: Heart

Zodiac: Scorpio

Element: Earth

Planet: Earth

Mohs: 6-7

Granite with Epidote, Pink Orthoclase, and Quartz

Ukanite Tumble