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Red Aventurine Tumble (trade named Strawberry Quartz)


Red Aventurine

Creativity | Prosperity

Red Aventurine carries all the vibrations of Clear Quartz, with the additional attributes of universal love, understanding of purpose, and seizing the day.  Carrying this can be soothing and calming for someone who works in a fast-paced environment.  It has the ability to amplify intentions of love, gratitude and generosity, and can radiate those vibrations outward.  Some wear this when trying to attract a soul-mate. However, be aware that “soul-mate” doesn't mean “exactly like yourself”.  Often, our soul-mates are those people who can really test us and show us where we need work.

Red Aventurine assists in bringing balance to the psyche, the emotions, and the subtle energy bodies.  An important tool for new initiates on the spiritual path, it can help one to gain insights into one's persona and inspiration regarding how to improve on it.  

Charka: Root

Zodiac: Aries

Origin: India

Affirmation: I am abundant

Science: Silicon Dioxide with hematite or geothite inclusions

Red Aventurine Tumble (trade named Strawberry Quartz)