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Pretty Soul Stories was created from a fusion of passion, vulnerability & divine timing. When I look back now 18 months in I realize I never found crystals, but they they however found me. They found me at a time in my life where I was ticking the boxes of life off the checklist. 


My instincts where strong when my mother wanted to source crystals and I felt a pit in my stomach at the thought of her turning to the wrong place, getting crystals that's path to her had been less than desirable. I took the reigns to ensure the crystals she received had came to her fairly, that the path was clear of unethical behavior and that those who worked hard to bring to us what the earth was ready to share had been fairly paid, fairly treated and above all we got the best quality I could find.


What started as a mission for my mother soon became an incredible fusion of every step of my path that may never of made sense coming into one to take the step into a world I was becoming deeply fascinated with. The obsession to not only use crystals alongside my daily practices both personally and professionally as a registered therapist became strong. Above that the journey of sourcing and connecting with people all over the world who devote their life to these precious crystals has been awe inspiring. 



You have to get to a point where you say If not now then when? I was at that space without even realizing till I stared at my skills on paper knowing I could build a business, knowing I had the goods yet felt terrified at the thought of "failure" of "not being good enough". That is the moment you embrace and walk head first into the uncertainty because if not now then when?


The journey won't be perfect, I will falter and I will fall and make the wrong twists and turns but this entire business is built on intuition, love, passion and ethics. A space to reflect what means the most to me not just with these crystals but to impart beautiful transactions of energy that are fair for everyone, to create sustainable incomes in parts of the world that need it the most and to build long term relationships with you all bringing you a consistently high standard of crystals, service and jokes (if you know you know!)


To look around me and know these crystals are some of the best quality in the world, some of these forms extremely hard to find and being able to bring those to New Zealand quite literally takes my breath away. I am only a keeper for a short while in the journey these pieces go on , but for the moments they are with me know they are treasured greatly.


Crystals are not meant to be complicated in my opinion, when you trust what draws you in and when you connect with your instincts. They are a tool to have alongside you on this journey in life, they are gift to give when you don't have the words and they have been transforming through every phase over all of our lifetimes. 


May you find this space at the time you need it the most, may you know every single piece has come from love, hard work and passion and may you trust as always that you hold all your answers within you.


All my love