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Crystals are unique gifts from nature transformed and created over up to millions of years, each piece has its own special journey and as such no two are ever the same. The crystals contain small fissures and pists and imperfections and as part of differing lighting during photography the colours may vary. Pieces will also include inclusions that may show up differently in photography. Please take ALL of these as a sign your crystals are from nature not grow or printed in a lab, we welcome ever little sign your treasures are real they are not "bad" pieces.

Polished pieces are polished with natural elements in mind and natural rock from the earth, no two are polished the same and this is a beautiful sign we are polishing from authentic materials

Be rest assured we pick the very best quality possible.

Please remember these are items from nature, they will contain things that come alongside that as thoroughly as they are cleaned these are not lab made item so expect imperfections

We DO NOT accept returns based on you preferring a different crystal characteristic or changing your mind, when buying you understand that one photo can not show a full piece in entirety

However full breaks please get in touch for our returns process.

Crystals are a wonderful gift from nature and are powerful used alongside traditional healing methods. All crystals are metaphysical but should not replace or substitute for professional advise 


* If you are particular about quality and seeing your piece before committing please buy via live sale process as I can only do so much via photo